Monday, February 16, 2009

19 Weeks 2 Days

We had a doctors appointment today at Northwest Perinatal.

It went reasonably well.

Erin had a tiny bit of bright red blood over the weekend. The doctors say that she is still a bit early to be having bleeding from her placenta previa, but it does happen.

The doctor said that we have 4-5 weeks until viability of the baby. He said that right now the outcome is binary: either the baby makes it or he doesn't. He said that he is most worried about the next stage: 24-28 weeks. During this stage, if Erin delivers, the baby could make it and have any number of issues.

The concern of the doctors continues to be the previa and placenta accreta. As good as the technology is today, there is still so much they can't see. All they really know is that she has previa & most likely has accreta - but they don't know how strong the lower third of her uterus is and how it will hold up as the baby continues to grow.

The HR OBs thought it would be good to have a cystoscopy or an MRI done so that they can see if the accreta is getting close to the bladder. The gynecological oncologist does not think she needs this as she would just deal with it if she encountered it during the eventual C-section. The HR OBs defer to her on this so I think we'll skip both.

Erin will most likely be heading into the hospital in 3-4 weeks. They want to keep her home as long as possible as her mental health is a factor in our success as much as anything. The less time she spends in the hospital the better from that standpoint.

My mom is coming to Portland March 8 for a month. That will be extremely helpful. Thanks Mom!

Our friends here in Portland continue to be the best - they continue to bring us dinner which is a life saver.

Erin found a book that Lauren seems to relate to on bed rest: And Mommy's On Her Side.


  1. mike- i think you may have found your next career if the sw thing doesnt pan out. thanks for keeping us updated. stay strong. All our love.....sean,elise,jack,ava

  2. You are so sweet to do this blog. I know that keeping all of us informed is a task unto itself, but we SOOOO appreciate the info. Our prayers and good positive mojo are being sent cross country. Love, Brigid and Dan

  3. Mike,

    I check your blog often and report out to "my Mike" how things are going. We are both keeping you and Erin in our thoughts and prayers over these next weeks. I must say, you are both an inspiration to us - we are amazed at your strength and wish you all the best in the coming weeks.

    Colleen & Mike Green