Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another rough night

We had another rough night last night.

Erin's doctor told us to expect more bleeding as it is common with placenta praevia. He said that if it was more than what happened the first time we should call.

By 1 AM or so Erin was convinced of this and so we called. They told us to wait out the night and then to call in the morning. Erin also starting complaining of tightening in her belly.

When we called in the morning they told us to come right in. Erin's uterus had become "irritable" - she was having mild / irregular (i.e., not at a set time interval) contractions. They checked the baby and he was fine. Her cervix also was unchanged (still about 2 cm).

The doctor said that the appointment next week with the gynecologic oncologist will be helpful as she will be able to hopefully determine how fast the placenta accreta is growing and how much time we have to work with (i.e., if we can get to 30 weeks). She also may want to intervene with another surgery or some sort of a treatment as it may be heading towards placenta percreta (speaking of which my dear mother found some stories on this: here.

The doctor this morning thought that they would know more in 3-4 weeks. He thought that if they can calm down her uterus and the baby stays healthy that we will have an 80-90% chance of getting out of this with a healthy Erin and baby.

In order to calm down her uterus, they proscribed indometacin for a few days.

Needless to say, we are all a bit drained. We are holding it together though for the most part thanks to our family and friends. I'm planning on taking next week off which I hope will help our little family.

It seems like we are entering into the next really crucial phase of this. Please keep Erin and Herricle in your thoughts and prayers.

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