Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day by Day

Unfortunately, we had another bout with bright red blood and a "pissed" uterus (what a nurse we like calls it) last night.

We were at the hospital for a while today.

This is expected with Erin's condition, but still frightening.

They monitored the baby and Erin's uterus and gave her some drugs to make her uterus stop being irritable (mild contractions).

They think the irritability comes from the issues with previa etc.

Erin is 21 weeks pregnant now.

They said that at 24 weeks the baby will be viable. She will be admitted to the hospital for the duration then at the latest (although it could very likely be sooner now).

Dr. Watson explained that after we get to 24 weeks they will take it day by day. Percentages of health literally shift by the day and the situation. Depending on how far along Erin gets, the baby will have X% chance at survival and Y% chance at major lifetime health issues. We'll have to weigh out the risks as things develop.

For now though, its still a zero sum game - until the baby gets to 24 weeks there isn't anything we have to decide.

They do think that Erin's bleeding will continue on and off for the duration. They will have to guage it and treat her with drugs and potentially blood transfusion depending on how things go.

It sounds like for the actual delivery they will also have an interventional radiologist on hand to help control blood flow.

We've heard most of what we heard today before, but its all becoming much more real the deeper we get into it. As you can imagine, Erin was pretty upset to have this happen again after having such a positive run the past few weeks.

So nothing really has changed - this was all expected, we just fell into an optimistic couple of weeks where it was easy to think that it was going to be smooth sailing for the duration. Clearly, its going to be a winding road from here to the eventual conclusion of the pregnancy.


  1. We are sorry to hear about the hospital visit!
    We love you all so much. We are keeping Mommy * Baby in our prayers.

    Jeannette, Kevin & Stella

  2. Wow. What an emotional toll this must be taking. Stay strong.
    Sean Elise Jack Ava

  3. Fuzzy, you are all in my thoughts and prayers...Hang in there. Kelly