Tuesday, February 24, 2009

20 weeks 3 days

Erin had a positive appointment today with her HR OB (John Buckmaster). She and the baby remain stable.

Her cervix thickened and lengthened significantly - best they have seen it yet.

She still has placenta previa, but Dr. Buckmaster agrees that dealing with it is within Jana Reddoch (the oncologist who will assist the C-section), wheel-house (she is apparently a bit of a legend).

The baby continues to grow normally.

Dr. Buckmaster said he was optimistic after looking at ultrasound.

Originally, they wanted Erin in the hospital at 22 weeks, but now are planning on 24 (approximately March 22) weeks given today's results. This will maximize Erin's mental health which is an important aspect of our chances at success. This could of course change quickly.

They want Erin to skip next week's appointment because during this time frame they fear car travel the most.

She will go in to the hospital at 24 weeks to maximize chances of survival for the baby & ensure that she is safe. Surprisingly - if they are right on top of things babies have a shot that young. Obviously, they want Erin to get as close to 30 weeks as possible.

So we are happy for today. Yay.


  1. Ever since connecting to you via face book, I have been quietly following your blog and reading all past entries. May may God bless you and you family and I pray that everything will turn out well.
    Ryan Cox

  2. Mike, I am so glad to hear these positive results.

    Mike Hughart

  3. Yay!! How exciting to have a couple more weeks at home. Heidi

  4. Great news, I love encouragement! Hannah

  5. Happy to read how positive the latest apt was.
    "cervix thickened and lengthened significantly" - what great news! Erin, your body has quite a knack at healing itself ... pretty amazing skill to have under your belt.
    Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers,
    The Pierces