Sunday, January 11, 2009

"All In"

Erin asked one of her Drs about risk the other day.

He said, that we are "all in" at this point. He meant that there is no low risk path. Carrying the baby is "high risk", but terminating the baby would also be "high risk".

That is actually comforting (to me at least).

It would be a heart breaking decision to terminate a baby that we desperately want. We would have had to do it if the risks to Erin were clearly reckless. It is nice that we are not faced with that kind of decision.

Luckily, the Drs don't think this is reckless - they think its "high risk". There are lots of high risk pregnancies - this is just on the higher end of the spectrum.

I forgot to mention, we got some other good news Friday. The baby tested negative for the genetic tests they did. When Erin was pregnant with Lauren we didn't do any of this type of testing - it wouldn't matter to us. But back then the tests were not so easy. Given Erin's circumstances, the Drs didn't really ask us if we wanted to do the tests - it seems like its the protocol with high risk pregnancies.

The tests they do now is a combination of measuring fluid in the baby's neck (via ultrasound) and some other stuff. The tech said that the baby's neck is "perfect".

We are still so amazed that after everything Erin went through there is a baby with a perfect neck growing in her :) Must be quite a little person in there.


  1. If anyone can go ALL IN it's you guys. Push those chips in there. Love you, NB&H

  2. Oh, and PS: this baby is going to need one kickass name. No pressure or anything.