Friday, January 2, 2009

Jan 2

Jan 2, 2009 Ultra Sound Pictures

As you can see there is still an apparently healthy baby in there from the pictures above.

Today the baby measured 13 weeks 4 days.

The doctors are still concerned about Erin's cervix and uterus. They do now think that it would be possible to place some sort of a cerclage in, but are not convinced its the best path forward. Its too early to tell what her placenta is doing, but it does appear to be low right now, which means she might have placenta previa. The biggest unknown is her thin lower uterus from her b-lynch suture. There is just no way to know right now how it will develop as there is very little data on this type of case.

We continue to be impressed with the people (doctors, nurses, techs) at Northwest Perinatal Center. Erin is clearly a rare case - even there.

Erin has been on mostly self imposed modified bed rest for the last 2 weeks. Her doctor told her today that she could be a bit more active. He said that she should enjoy a bit of freedom now while she can as she'll undoubtedly be on bed rest for a long time soon.

All and all we remain cautiously optimistic. We have been really well supported by family, friends (old and new), and my employer. Thank you all for your support - it has made a big difference :)

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