Sunday, January 25, 2009

January 25

Herricle still cooks.

We are 2 weeks into full on bed rest. Erin is doing great. It is hard, however to be so confined. Mother instincts seem to help a lot with enduring this type of thing. Our friends have been great - they organized and are all brining us dinner 2x per week. This helps a ton. We have a nanny during the week which is helping a lot.

At the doctor appointment this week, the Dr. checked the heart rate - it was 145 bpm. They didn't do an ultrasound this time. Her next appointment is February 5th.

The baby is about 16 weeks old now.

At the next appointment, we'll probably find out the sex of the child. With Lauren, it was a surprise. Should be exciting.


  1. yay for finding out! we found out with both, and it's just as much a surprise, i think. it's fun to live with the info and use it to bond with the baby (and shop or borrow knowing what you have!) i think it will be great for lorlor too because she'll be able to start thinking about a little sister or brother more specifically. so glad things are ticking along so far so good. :) xoxo N

  2. Huge gigantic hugs to your belly! -Hannah