Saturday, January 31, 2009

Herricle is a Boy

We had a rough night last night. Erin went to the ER after she discovered a very small amount of bright red blood. That is a color you don't want to see.

In the course of checking her out it was determined that our baby is a boy!

They are not sure what caused the bleeding at this point. It could be the cerclage or something else.

The baby is 17.5 weeks old now based on his measurements today.

Erin saw him opening and closing his hand and sucking his thumb.

They looked closely at him today. He looks great - 4 heart chambers, brain looks right, 10 fingers and 10 toes.

Lauren, our 3.5 year old daughter stated blankly, "I thought it was a sister." upon hearing the news and stared straight ahead never to speak of it again :)

We are going to see Erin's HR OB Monday to see if they can figure out what caused the bleeding. Unfortunately, the doctors today suspect placenta accreta in addition to what she still has placenta praevia. Given Erin's history, this isn't a big surprise, but it will complicate things further.

As you can imagine, we are excited at the prospect of rounding our our family with a little boy, but are also very worried about getting there from here.

We'll update the blog again after we learn more Monday.


  1. we are very excited for you. Good, bad, happy, sad, whatever, you are in the middle of a situation that is pretty amazing. we are sending lots of good thoughts in your direction and hope to see you soon. take care

  2. it's all so intense from the outside looking in; i can't imagine how it is for you, but you seem to be holding things together very well. please call on us for anything big or small. and (don't let Lor Lor hear me say this) Yay for Boys!! thinking of you, sending good thoughts, and still holding 4 very large vampire books for Erin -- will bring them by soon!