Monday, January 12, 2009

Cerclage Success, Hello Bed Rest

Well that was quick.

Erin's cerclage only took 20 minutes. One of Erin's docs did the stich (Dr. Buckmaster) and the other manned the ultrasound (Dr. Tomlinson). Erin got to watch the baby flipping around in there the whole time.

They were not able to do a conventional cerclage, but were able to get a decent one in they said.

They said that with a conventional cerclage they do a "purse stings" stich at 12, 3, 6, 9 o'clock. She seems to be missing the 3 o'clock part of her cervix from scarring. So the at least have a stich from 12, 3, and 9. They said that she was already a little dialated so they think this will help increase our chances.

The Dr. that also was involved in the trans-abdominal cerclage attempt said that it would have been better as it would have offered more support, but this is the next best thing. He said he is "cautiously optimistic".

Bed rest starts now until delivery. She is at 15 weeks and they want her to get to at least 30 weeks. "Bed rest" means the following:

  • Lay down/recline as much as possible - ideally all but 15 minutes a day

  • Can get up to go to the bathroom

  • Can take a shower

  • Can sit upright for meals in a chair


  1. Hey bed rest sounds like a typical day for me. I call it just being lazy. So glad to hear the procedure was a success! I'll come by periodically to be lazy with Erin as we will likely deliver around the same time!

  2. For spending lots of time in bed, I highly recommend the oeuvre of Michael Bay. It's hard to beat The Rock or Transformers for some mindless entertainment.

    'Tis good to read that all is well so far.

  3. Erin, make Mike buy you an Amazon Kindle :) You can download books wirelessly and will likely save money and space in the long run.

  4. Erin, are you at the point where you are looking for opportunities? The Watchmen is an obvious, timely recommendation but I have a long list of visual, aural, oral and otherwise recommendations to send your way. Lauren should immerse herself in a shower of Eric Carle and the guy who writes the wombat books. xoxo