Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Best Medicine

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Lauren is of course going to be our family's best medicine to get through all of this. Such a sweet child.

I picked her up from pre-school, got some pizza with her and Nana & then brought her to the hospital.

She was very happy to see her mommy.


  1. Wonderful to see those two smiling faces - Such a sweet picture!
    xo Courtney

  2. Dido on the comment above! Sooo good to see you Erin. Rhonda

  3. Lauren WILL be the best medicine for you all! It's so good to see Erin...such a sweet smile after all that you've been through. You are such an amazing mommy, and Mike -- such a fantastic daddy. We keep you in our hearts & prayers. Love, Michelle, Warren & Colson

  4. I wish I could be there and see those smiles in person and give you all a big hug. Love, Tonia

  5. We're glad you are doing so well, Erin. Lots of prayers and love coming to you from Burr Ridge and Darien! Chris and Doug DiBartelo

  6. Your Mother said it beautifully Mike...James knew what was up and now he'll keep an eye on things for the 3 of you from above.

    Much Love,

    Dean & Tonia