Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hospital Living

With the support of Erin's doctor (John Buckmaster), we decided that it was time to admit Erin to the hospital.

Starting next Tuesday (March 10), she will reside at St. Vincent until Herricle is delivered.

The doctors think its best although if we really wanted to, we could have kept Erin home longer.

This should maximize our chances at success and safety for Erin.

The doctors remain cautiously optimistic that we'll walk away from this with a healthy little boy.

There are of course lots of risks, but at least she'll be in the right place. This will introduce new stresses, but decrease some anxiety we have.

My mother will be arriving in Portland on Sunday. This should help Erin, Lauren, and me a lot.

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  1. We're sending all of the possible positive mojo we've got...In fact, we'll be sure to raise a glass to you guys at our St. Patrick's Day party. Irish have a strong tradition of the power of positive mental attitude. Thanks for the updates! Brigid and Dan