Sunday, March 8, 2009


We put it off as long as we could, but we just told Lauren that mommy was going to the hospital Wednesday.

Erin found a coloring book on the topic named Mommy and the Hospital. We read it to her and then told her that her mommy is going to the hospital.

It was a bit of a tear jerker to say the least.

But she seems to understand. The two thin mints (girl scout cookies) seemed to help ease the pain temporarily :)

Nana (my mother) is in an airplane right now to help. This is going to be quite the transition.

We hope we have the happy ending that the coloring book has.


  1. We are all thinking of you!

  2. coloring book - what a find!!! that is so great.

  3. You all are in our thoughts. What a great coloring book. It is great that Nana will be there during the next weeks....Lots of Love- The Wahlins

  4. Sending you tons of strength! If you need anything let me know. Hannah