Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Safe Night

Erin had a safe night.

She is recovering at a good rate. They had her sit up and stand up last night.

The nurses are very impressed with her progress. They are taking great care of her.

We are learning more about how serious the situation was yesterday. Luckily, Dr. Guinn acted quickly and set a plan into motion to get her to interventional radiology and into surgery with the surgical specialists Erin needed including Dr. Guinn, Dr. Buckmaster, an oncologist, and a urologist.

We didn't know it at the time, but the doctors hoped that when they took her to interventional radiology that they could control her bleeding and somehow buy her enough time to carry our son a few more weeks where he could have a chance at life.

Unfortunately, the interventional radiology stuff wasn't enough to stop the bleeding so they had to proceed with the surgery to save Erin.

They also hoped that they would be able to save Erin's uterus, but her placenta bleed so badly during surgery that they couldn't.

There was a 10 minute period of time that things were very scary. The nurses brought me our son and told me that the doctors were working very hard on Erin. It was terrifying. Thankfully, the time passed quickly and they checked the operating room again and the surgeons had things under control.

Erin's OB stopped by Erin's room last night and did say that what occurred is typical for how emergency c-section & hysterectomy typically go. There is so much blood flow to the uterus that the surgeons only have minutes to do their work.

As the fog clears from the events of yesterday, we are very thankful that the outcome was quick and clear. We are glad that Erin's body and our baby gave us such a clear warning sign and that we got her to the hospital so quickly and the doctors did their jobs so well. This of course isn't the outcome we wanted, but things could have been so much worse.

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